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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trends that I want dead in 2010

Nothing wrong with following trends, but i can't stand it when people just pile it on like a walking advertisement. 2009 was just a big trend vomit that almost everyone and their dog joined in on... My 2cents of this hot hot mess we call fashion trends:

Anything 80's! 80's is dead so shut up!

Enough with the neon colors! Neons only work if wear it one at a time, not all at once… and the fact that it only works when your not fat! so don’t wear it if it doesn’t compliment your shape!

I can’t believe neon shutter glasses still were trendy during ‘09. Kanye West is an idiot douche, so whoever wears them is an idiot douche themselves

buffalo plaid/ flannel, only worn unless your a lumberjack or a stone butch... last time I checked I like looking like a chick! But if you dig lookin like a male porn star from the 70’s and yet manage to pull it off… Be my guest!

LEGGINGS AS PANTS... okay, I admit I’m a wearer of the tunic leggings shit… But if that shirt doesn’t cover your beaver and leaves nothing to the imagination, your pretty much asking for an unasked ass/crotch grabbing.

Metallic Leggings. One word… PFFFTTTTT! To ridiculous to wear in space!


Skinny Jeans. Awww, yes. The skinny jeans… Thanks but no Thanks! I’m officially over this trend and only wear my skinny jeans tucked in boots.

Graphic colorful tees.. Unless your 16yrs of age or younger, grown men and women shouldn’t be rockin this look. Especially paired with douche bag shutter shades and skinny jeans… In my opinion, your just begging for more douche bag negative attention.

Colorful BRIGHT jeans. I don’t really wanna look at a neon green ass.

PEEP TOE BOOTIES! boots are meant to be closed toe, just because u got a pedicure doesn’t mean there won’t be times where people won't be able to see it. Booties are somewhat cute only if u know how to rock it... Looking like your homeless and you cant afford a decent boot is for bitches.

FUR COATS I admit I wanted to follow this trend, but I realized only rich Manhattan women and prostitutes can pull this off. I am neither                                                                 Make me BLUSH baby!

So far this is what I want dead in 2010, Somehow I know majority of the trends are gonna sneak its way in the new year. And as for the new year, get ready for shoulder pads again... Ewwwww!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

so what the hell is fashion again?

Well the title states the obvious... "what the hell is fashion?!" as much as i love clothes and lookin sassy, up to now i still dont have any clear view of what it really means to be stylish or in the moment. I am not a trendsetter nor do i really follow trends... I'm just a chick that really loves clothes and how it makes me feel when i find the perfect fit. i am in no position to write this blog but imma do it anyway! this is just a little taste of what goes through Kat's mind and how "I" view fashion/style complex..

Make me blush baby!