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Saturday, January 23, 2010


     As most of my friends know, I work in retail and I dress women for a living... For now, that is. Most of the women that really need help either just had a baby, lost a significant amount of weight or just need a new change in their wardrobe. But on those few times, I help a woman that needs a job interview outfit.
     I style her based on her body type, what colors flatter her the most, and if she wants to keep it classic or classic with a touch of modern to it. I love what I do and I love the aftermath reaction when I'm done with the final look and outfit. The woman leaves happy and confident and I can't help feeling good inside that I made someone happy... Other then myself! lol
   But enough about other people... It's "ME" time now. I recently was trying to dress myself for a job interview. "But Kat?! you already have a job!" I'm all "I know! But lemme try to make "MORE" money" cus lord knows retail don't pay too much. As I was looking through my wardrobe I realized something... "I don't have much professional lookin clothing" I was confused how to dress myself "Professionally" I know how to dress other people but "I CAN'T EVEN DRESS MYSELF!" Weird!!! I know right?! My wardrobe isn't as versatile as I thought or I'd like it to be.
     I looked through my closet, my dressers, the bins under my bed, my rolling rack... I literally didn't have anything to wear!!... LITERALLY!!! So what did i do you ask???? Well, what did I do??? Shit I forgot myself!!... Oh yes now I remember, I improvised. Found a white collared button down, a black a line high waisted skirt, black blazer that I totally forgot about, and these cute open toe black patent leather pumps with a bow on the front! Woooh! But for some reason, I wasn't happy with the final look... So i did what I always do, slapped on a black wide belt under my bust line.
    Though the outfit wasn't the best, I can honestly say I learned from the whole "wardrobe malfunction" experience. I learned you have to be more versatile with your wardrobe. What you put on your back is as much apart of you as you are as a person... In other words your clothes represent who you are as a person. If you wear the same genre of sweaters, pants, shoes just because it is your comfort zone it gets BORING!
    When you wear something different, or out of your comfort zone you feel more CONFIDENT and others will read into it and the compliments will roll in... "Makin YOU Blush" ;)

                                                                 "Make Me BLUSH" Kat's MeeeooW

Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm doing a segment called "OUTFITS THAT MAKE ME BLUSH... OR BARF!" for now, I'm posting the Blushes! lol! I was in North Beach and I noticed a lot of hipster kids hang out here... hmmmm?

This outfit above in my opinion is fuckin dope as shit!
I loved the way she mixed colors that don't normally
 mesh well, but somehow pulled it together. The brown
 boots and the black/white stripe gloves... HOTT!

I love the simplicity of this outfit. When you look
 closely its a lot more complicated then you think.
The blouse with the roset flower details tied with
just a peek-a-boo white cardigan under a black
coat, dark skinny jeans, and neutral flats...
 tre chic! The roset flowers act as an accessory
framing her face. Simplicity never fails to impress!

Cute girl, cute outfit! <3 the way she mixed
different variations of purple and blue.
Then with the final touches she wore white
 flats to balance out the color schemes.

I know what your thinking. "Why does this
outfit make me BLUSH?" Ummmmm creativity!...
duhhhh!... I don't know if I myself could pull off
wearing two toned tights, but with her it seems
to work pretty well. I love the way she mixed
yellow and blue. The blue scarf acts as the main
accessory in her outift complimenting the yellow,
black, and white!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Spring Brings the GOOD/BAD Fashion Flings

      It’s the beginning of the New Year and I always notice that early January is Nautical season. Don’t get me wrong! I love the Nautical look, from high waisted trouser pants, horizontal strips… on certain body types ;), and everything in navy blue, crisp white, and red. Somewhat of a tomboy chic but not. Then as the month goes into February the classic is kicked to the curb, and new trends emerge… This year, Shoulder pads… Two words four syllabals, “FUCKIN UGLY!”
    I mean what the fuck?! Do you really expect women to wear this trend again? It looked bad when it splattered everywhere in the 80’s so what makes you think they’re gonna look good twenty years later? Just because you polished a turd doesn’t make it any better… It still looks like shit! But enough of that turd trend! I’m really excited about “School Girl Chic” Yes! We’re bringing cute and feminine back! A lot of lace and a lot of sheer fabrics paired with boyfriend blazers and over the knee socks. Not really into the over the knee socks, but the whole cute and feminine meets tomboy chic is a trend that I myself am really considering getting into!
    Another trend that will soon emerge but highly doubt its popularity is “Future Warrior” think about it like this, if the movies Gladiator and Tron fucked and had a baby that is essentially the trend. Chrome w leather vest and pleating… Ewwwww!!! Maybe it could work? But not if someone goes over the top wearing gladiator sandals, or flip flops with straps around the ankles or as I like to call them “Jesus Sandals.”
    Since it is spring, of course we’re bringing back FLORAL! Ooooh! How original! Yes floral patterns are in style once more, however anything that has pattern will be hot this season as well. Abstract, stripes, geometric shapes and all that good shit that doesn’t really interest me. But instead of wearing the patterns on top, guess where we’re gonna wear them? That’s right the bottom! I don’t really know if I want flowers or a Pollack print on my ass. But then again, that’s just me. Paired with shoulder pads and caged open toe booties mmmmm! Hot! Me being sarcastic of course! Anyway movin on!
    Playful jumpsuits and sportswear… Jumpsuits?! Can be cute I admit, but unless if you have the right body for it but still not practical to wear. As for Sportswear, fine by me. Just as long as it doesn’t involve girls wearing Jordans… God I hated that shit! Like I said before, “firm believer of looking like a chick.”
                                                                                                                           Make me Blush!
                   For now these are the main staples of trends for Spring 2010.
                     - Nautical Nonsense
                     - New Wave.. Again
                     - School Girl Chic J
                     - Future Warrior… bleh!
                     - Patterns on your ass
                     - One piece/ jumpsuits
                     - Sportswear