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Saturday, January 23, 2010


     As most of my friends know, I work in retail and I dress women for a living... For now, that is. Most of the women that really need help either just had a baby, lost a significant amount of weight or just need a new change in their wardrobe. But on those few times, I help a woman that needs a job interview outfit.
     I style her based on her body type, what colors flatter her the most, and if she wants to keep it classic or classic with a touch of modern to it. I love what I do and I love the aftermath reaction when I'm done with the final look and outfit. The woman leaves happy and confident and I can't help feeling good inside that I made someone happy... Other then myself! lol
   But enough about other people... It's "ME" time now. I recently was trying to dress myself for a job interview. "But Kat?! you already have a job!" I'm all "I know! But lemme try to make "MORE" money" cus lord knows retail don't pay too much. As I was looking through my wardrobe I realized something... "I don't have much professional lookin clothing" I was confused how to dress myself "Professionally" I know how to dress other people but "I CAN'T EVEN DRESS MYSELF!" Weird!!! I know right?! My wardrobe isn't as versatile as I thought or I'd like it to be.
     I looked through my closet, my dressers, the bins under my bed, my rolling rack... I literally didn't have anything to wear!!... LITERALLY!!! So what did i do you ask???? Well, what did I do??? Shit I forgot myself!!... Oh yes now I remember, I improvised. Found a white collared button down, a black a line high waisted skirt, black blazer that I totally forgot about, and these cute open toe black patent leather pumps with a bow on the front! Woooh! But for some reason, I wasn't happy with the final look... So i did what I always do, slapped on a black wide belt under my bust line.
    Though the outfit wasn't the best, I can honestly say I learned from the whole "wardrobe malfunction" experience. I learned you have to be more versatile with your wardrobe. What you put on your back is as much apart of you as you are as a person... In other words your clothes represent who you are as a person. If you wear the same genre of sweaters, pants, shoes just because it is your comfort zone it gets BORING!
    When you wear something different, or out of your comfort zone you feel more CONFIDENT and others will read into it and the compliments will roll in... "Makin YOU Blush" ;)

                                                                 "Make Me BLUSH" Kat's MeeeooW

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  1. Wonder how was your make up? It´s usually a great starting point :D.

    Keep up the tips!!!!