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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Paying Attention to Details

  Not to long ago my manager sent me to another store to help out with the floorsets. Brand new store, with other coworkers from different stores so of course I had to look good!... Like better then usually, anyway! I arrived and started helping out the other managers setup the store, little did I know they sent a stylist from the Corporate office in New York... Before I talk about my experience I just wanna say that if I were a tall anorexic gay white guy, he would be my number 1 pick!
  I learned sooooooo much from him, details are critical... DUH! But he payed EXTRA attention to what works, and what doesn't work. As I was dressing a mannequin, he pointed out that there are different ways to tie a wrap dress, different ways that boyfriend jeans can be worn, and that the more life like and human you dress your mannequins, the more likely your yourself will get more ideas on how to dress not just your client but also yourself. Yet again another DUH! "Presentation is key!" 
  So what did I learn you ask??? ALWAYS PLAN AND PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS!!! You may think that you got the right oufit the first couple hundred times! lol! But with great fashion sense also comes other great possibilities like. And always dress for your bodytype! Not the bodytype that goes with the clothes! It may look good on one person, but that doesn't mean its going to look good on you!

   Does this boyfriend blazer go well with these red high heeled maryjanes??? YES because your balancing out masculine and feminine, and NO depending on the length and the material of the blazer. With fashion and style you can't always be too perfect, you look too perfect it looks like you spend waaaaaay to much time on your look. You spend less time on your look get ready for the consequences!
  I think I've said this before, if so I'll say it again once more and to it "With personal style you have to care and not give a damn at the same time... But alway always PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS!"
                                                     People will then pay attention to your details "Making YOU Blush"

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