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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


                         Yet again I'm doing another segment of
                                    "Outfits that Make me Blush"

This guy was way way shy... But he was kind enough to strike a pose for me! lol. I really like this guys style, very laid back yet put together... Something that most guys should try doing ;) his brown man bag balances out the black and white combo he's rockin and his white beanie makes his oufit look complete... JUST LOOK AT THE ENTHUSIASM ON HIS FACE!... lol!

I like, and I dislike her outfit. It's interesting and creative of course, but something about doesn't quite make me blush.. Nor does it make me wanna barf!.. But she is doing something on spot about fashion/personal style/ art thing. She's giving me and others a reaction to what she is wearing. Love the blue dress and accessories, the shade of blue compliments her skintone well. The shoes I'm not too fond of, but for some reason she can rock it!... And of course the Animal print cropped fur coat. The length of the coat makes her look wider than what she really is, if the coat were shorter, or much longer it would've flattered her more so than a somewhat midcropped length... Thing! A little off but I like the outfit, it has "PERSONALITY" and thats something that most people forget about wearing... "WHO THEY ARE... NOT WHAT'S IN THE CURRENT TREND."

If retro was something I wanted to find on the street... Then I found this chick! Love the red lips that match the red flower on her hair and ring on her hand. There is such a thing as too "matchy matchy" but she matches in a subtle way... And HELLO?! The saddle shoes and redlips?!! Very 1950's with a flapper girl twist ;) MEEEOOOW!!! This outfit is great for everyday, redlipstick always makes a woman look put together... Lipstick PERIOD!!!


  1. it's amazing you manage to find fashionable ppl on the street!

  2. I think I know who the last girl in the pictures is... Do i go to school with her? LOL no joke...but ya cute girl.

  3. believe it or not...korean guys are actually quite fashionable. they're the only guys i know who carry man purses - i swear