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Saturday, February 20, 2010


A couple nights ago my sister and I watched the movie "Coco Before the Chanel" for some reason, and I have no idea why I so did not wanna watch this movie?! I know right?!!?!?! CRAZY!!! As much as I love Chanel... Well worship Chanel the movie didn't really pull me in in the begining. Don't get me wrong, it was touching and sad because she was pretty much abandoned as a child, grew up an orphan then was a taxi performer in a saloon/restaurant. "Taxi Performer" is like a singer/dancer goes to table to table n performs for a fee. Sad and humiliating I know.
  But what really pulled me in watching the movie was Coco and her drive to survive. She was dirt poor, her only choice was to live with a rich man that made her entertain his ungrateful rude guests. Throughout her life she was teased for dressing too boyish, not in trend, not in the moment... And like every TRUE fashion designer she just brushed it off shoulder and stuck to her beliefs and her point of view of fashion. She didn't care that she didn't wear things just because every woman owned it. She mocked what was the latest trends and reinvented her own look!... After all, she did come up with THE INFAMOUS "LBD" aka "ZE LITTLE BLACK DRESS" Up to now it is still every womans wardrobe staple. I myself have more than just 1 "LBD" and there is nothing wrong with that! ;)
  Coco defined what it means to be "ELEGANT, CLASSY, TIMELESS... Like her fab fab tweed suits!, and of course every French womans trademark RED LIPS! Tre Tre SEXY!!!!  Till this day Coco Chanel is my favorite designer and has inspired me to be the fashionista I am today. Like the great Coco Chanel once said, "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different." Everytime I hear someone making fun of my outfit, I always remember her quote "Making ME Blush" I LOVE U COCO!!

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  1. I live by coco chanel's quote not only for fashion but for my life in general ;)! Great entry i still have to watch this movie maybe tonight!