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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blushing on North Beach!

                                            More of my "Outfits that Make ME Blush"
   Yes! Another one of my fab! Fab! Segments of Outfits that make me BLUSH! I swear, everytime I wanna take pics of random ass people I swear I always get the best ones in North Beach. People here dress fairly well with "Their own Personal Style" and that is what I'm looking for. Not always on current trend, but somehow pulled together.
This outfit is an all black outfit. The statement piece, a blue infinity scarf! She has a bit of "Rock Chic" genre going on. Her cropped jacket and cropped boots compliment her mini skirt, so nothing is really out of proportion. And her hair! I dont think that was an accident ;)

INTERESTING... Well I could say more... I think I have my First BARF! The wide horizontal striped coat does nothing for her, just makes her look wide and shapeless. Her black bonnet with the feather... BLEH! I mean I don't mean to be MEAN... Well this Kitty is meant to claw! MeeeeoooW! I mean come on! she looks like a Fuckin tent with a birds nest resting on her head!.. NOT CUTE!

Well I think we all know the answer to why I took a pic of him... HOTT! In person he was such a hottie and yummy!!! Mmmmm!!! His eyes are closed in this pic so you can't really see his true hot, hot, hottness! But DAMN! Still looks good!... Oh yea the outfit! Whoops! well its well fitted and... OH YEA... HE'S HOTT!

She has a very "Chic Indie Look" To her. Long black coat paired with black riding boots... Always a CLASSIC! The thin long scarf adds more attitude and detail to her look. Followed by her aviator trim shades that add more mystery.

This last outfit is MY FAVORITE... so far. This outfit in my opinion defines Personal Style! the conac boots compliment her navy ruffle dress, Her stone blazer softens the intensity of her dress and gray tights/leggings. And to top it all off black sunglasses with a SUPER CUTE shoulder bag! MeeeeOW!
Her outfit "Makes ME Blush!

Kitty >^.^<

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