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Monday, January 18, 2010


I'm doing a segment called "OUTFITS THAT MAKE ME BLUSH... OR BARF!" for now, I'm posting the Blushes! lol! I was in North Beach and I noticed a lot of hipster kids hang out here... hmmmm?

This outfit above in my opinion is fuckin dope as shit!
I loved the way she mixed colors that don't normally
 mesh well, but somehow pulled it together. The brown
 boots and the black/white stripe gloves... HOTT!

I love the simplicity of this outfit. When you look
 closely its a lot more complicated then you think.
The blouse with the roset flower details tied with
just a peek-a-boo white cardigan under a black
coat, dark skinny jeans, and neutral flats...
 tre chic! The roset flowers act as an accessory
framing her face. Simplicity never fails to impress!

Cute girl, cute outfit! <3 the way she mixed
different variations of purple and blue.
Then with the final touches she wore white
 flats to balance out the color schemes.

I know what your thinking. "Why does this
outfit make me BLUSH?" Ummmmm creativity!...
duhhhh!... I don't know if I myself could pull off
wearing two toned tights, but with her it seems
to work pretty well. I love the way she mixed
yellow and blue. The blue scarf acts as the main
accessory in her outift complimenting the yellow,
black, and white!

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